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(Enjoy the feast of 18 spreads of items, which served leisurely in courses)
ADISIL (Limited Meals)
Milaguthanni Soup
(South Indian Renowed pepper lentil soup smoothened with fresh coconut milk)
Kathamba Siruthaniya Soup
(Perfect blend of millets soup meal for light dinner lovers)
Poorna Kozhukkattai
(Millet and rice flour dumplings stuffed with jaggery and coconut, flavoured with green cardamon)
Ragi Kozhukkattai
(Ragi flour dumplings stuffed with jaggery and coconut, flavoured with green cardamon)
Ammani Kozhukkattai
(Canape made with foxtail millet flour and rice flour dumplings tossed with split gram and tempering)
Sirudhaniya Idly of the Day
(Millet & Black gram steamed dumplings)
Samba Gothumai Idly
(Broken wheat dumpling enriched with fresh curd and seasonings)
Nel Arisi Idly
Natchatra Idly
(Small soft mini idly dumpings in pool of sambar)
Plain Dosai
(Thin and crispy crepe made of rice and black gram)
Masala Dosai
(Crepe stuffed with yummy seasoned mashed potato)
Wheat Dosai
(Healthy whole wheat crepe)
Siruthaniya Dosai of the day
(Much crawed dish, soft and healthy crepe made of small millets)
Millet Rawa Dosai
(Thin and crispy millet, semolina, rice flour crepe seasoned with cumin and black pepper)
Kal Dosai
(Fluffy thick rice black dhal pan cake)
Rawa Dosai / Onion Rawa
(Thin and crispy crepe made with semolina and rice flour seasoned)
Plain Uthappam
(Crispy thick crest pan cake)
Onion Uthappam
(Crispy top thick pan cake with onion and coriander toppings)
Masala Uthappam
(Crispy top thick pan cake with onion, tomato, chilly, garlic and coriander toppings)
Adai Avial
(Thick crust multi gram pan cake with coconut chunks and seasonings)
(Protein rich black gram soft and crispy doughnuts)
Sambar Vadai
(Blackgram doughnuts soaked in sambhar)
Curd Vadai
(Blackgram doughnuts in the pool of creamy tempered curd)
Masala Vadai
(Hot and crispy bengal gram patties with a touch of ginger accompanied with chutneys)
Millet Pongal of the Day
(Small millets and split gram preparation, a comfort food which suites all tummies)
Millet sevai for the day
(South Indian millets dish enriched with seasoning)
Vadai Curry
(Curry made with crispy and chunky vada nuggets that goes good with idly and dosai)
Cone Dosai
(Kids ever loving crispy rice and dhal crepe served in cone shaped)
Paneer Dosai
(Crepe stuffed with seasoned paneer)
Gothumal Vazhapazha Adai
(Yummy Kids favourite whole wheat pan cake with banana surprise)
Aazhi Amudham
(Melting moments made with Agar Agar an ancient dish perfected from forgotten recipe)
Avvai Amudham
(Millets slow cooked in milk and sweetened with palm sugarserved in cute earth pot)
Ragi Peanut Halwa
(Fingeer Millet sweet with touch of cardomom)
Green Tea
(Hot refreshing green tea)
Panakalkandu Pasumpal
(Beverage prepared specially with cow milk and palm candy)
Neer Moor
(Tempered & seasoned buttermilk)
(Tamilnadu traditional drink made with palm sugar, tamarind with a touch of dry ginger and lemon)
Fresh Fruit Juice
(Fresh juice with seaconal available fruits)
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